Women's Foot Care Silicone Socks

Color : white
Size : 1Pairs
🧦No more worrying about dry, cracked feet this winter, leaving you with soft, beautiful feet.


With these spa moisturizing gel socks, you can take care of your feet at home and ensure that your feet do not break due to dryness even in the dry winter months

With these long silicone moisturizing foot socks, you will have an intensive hydration treatment to soften dry, rough, hard feet, and calluses and be able to repair cracked heels, toes, and cuticles.

Silicone socks with nice elasticity and can be stretched to fit most women

These enhancing socks feature non-slip dots on the bottom of socks, which offer better grip for improved stability and balance so that you can have better control of your body movements, avoid unnecessary tumble and injuries

 Just apply the lotion and cream on your feet, then wear the moisturizing socks to prolong and enhance the effects, easily help relieve dry, cracked, rough skin, give you soft and beautiful feet

weight: 128g
color: pink/skin/white
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