About LookiCo

LookiCo is for 25-45 years old fashionable women of taste tailored to the unique simplicity, bright style, lively and generous colors, and interpretation of fashion without losing the flaunting, quiet without losing lively essence of the brand.

Clothing style is divided into five series.
1, Living, focusing on the simple daily easy style; 2, Sports Activating, focusing on the simple daily easy style; 3, Sports Activating, focusing on the simple daily easy style.
2、Activating, focusing on avant-garde and comfortable sports style; 3、Street styling.
3、Street styling, full of personality and vitality of the street attire, mainly focusing on high street style; 4、Traveling Traveling, casual outdoor clothing, mainly focusing on comfortable and casual vacation style; 5、Working Light workplace Working, mainly focusing on simple daily relaxed style.
5, light workplace Working, dry and sharp but not dull, focusing on easy and bright workplace style.
Each series is an epitome of daily life, representing a different state of life for modern metropolitan women, emphasizing a casual yet chic attitude.

LookiCo firmly believes that every piece of clothing created is an expression of emotion, an elaboration of attitude and way of life, and hopes that this emotion accompanies our customers to start every new journey together, experience every minute of life together, and witness every unforgettable moment together.