Direct View Multifunctional Car Phone Holder

Save $21.00
Color : green
Size : 1 PCS


Improved General Motors and van phone holder: The sunshade phone holder will be perfect for most vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and cars, and will safely bring your phone close to your fingers in your line of sight.

Adjustable telescopic arm: Whether installed on the sun visor or the rearview mirror, most advantageous positions can rotate up and down 360 degrees; The phone can rotate horizontally and vertically; Avoid covering your eyes while driving.

Easy to install: No cradle, bracket, gel residue or viscous agent is required. It eliminates the aesthetic characteristics of most car brackets and is directly stuck on the car sun visor.

Widely used: The sunshade bracket is suitable for various scenarios. Sunshade telephone bracket. For example: phone holder with rearview mirror, phone holder with sunroof

Lightweight, lightweight and stable, after-sales service: Lightweight, easy to carry, spring design makes it more firmly hung on the sunshade.