Cat S-shaped Foldable Tunnel Toy

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Asisumption - The Cat Tunnel That Combines Fun and Exercise!

Connect fun and physical activity with Spiralino - the cat tunnel that provides your feline with hours of entertainment! Crawling through the tunnel and playing with the toy mouse, ball, and feather will playfully encourage your cat to move and exercise.

The Asisumption cat tunnel is not only a guarantee of countless hours of interactive playtime, but also promotes your cat's physical activity.

Made from durable materials, the Spiralino cat tunnel provides your furry friend with enough space to move freely and satisfy their instinctive needs. The toy mouse, ball, and feather at the end of the tunnel keep your cat entertained for hours.

And the best part? The Spiralino is collapsible and therefore Asisumption when not in use. You can easily transport and store it when you don't need it.

It's an absolute must-have for every cat owner who wants to offer their pet the best toy possible!

Order the Asisumption cat tunnel now and give your cat the best toy they could wish for - fun and exercise combined!

Provides entertainment for your cat

Promotes exercise


About the product: Length 50cm/19.68in. Diameter 20cm/7.87in
Material: steel wire, elastic mesh, feathers