2-in-1 Shopping Bag Folding Bag

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Color : red
Size : one-size

🌿👜 Eco-Friendly Fashion, Embrace the Green Shopping Path! 🌎💚

A shopping bag that makes the bag bigger and smaller by zipper. It is used daily for grocery shopping, travel shopping, towing or shoulders are very practical, and with two wheels.

You can buy multiple reusable shopping bags and place them in your car trunk, entrance hall, kitchen, etc., to ensure you don't forget to bring them when going out. This also helps reduce the use of plastic bags, making it more environmentally friendly.


  • Can hide the wheel - when retracting small, you can also fold the wheels. It is convenient to carry. The wheels hide under the bag, and you can't really see it without paying attention.

  • Easy to receive - The zipper at the top allows the bag to be of average size without taking up space. It is convenient to carry and receive, with a sealed zipper, which is simple and safe.

  • Multi-function - Once you open the zipper of the bag, it will turn it into a shopping bag. If you have many things, it becomes a practical shopping cart, which is easy to drag along.

  • Large capacity, which is amazing, looks like an ordinary shopping bag, but is stylish and small, in fact, it can hold 11lb/5kg of things.

  • Metal holder - The shopping bag is specially equipped with a metal holder to stabilize the body of the bag.


  • Product weight: 0.99lbs/0.45kg
  • Material: Oxford cloth + medium fiberboard

🎁Package Include:

  • 1 x Shopping bag folding green bag